Sterling Silver Necklaces

Loves In My Heart Charm Necklace


Timeless and elegant, this delicate sterling silver necklace takes the form of a pretty heart-shaped charm decorated with shimmering cubic zirconia st..

Braided Necklace


A stunning sterling silver design creates the braided pavé necklace. One piece of silver has been adorned with pavé cubic zirconia and they intertwine..

Blue Dolphin Necklace


The blue dolphin necklace is full of vigor and vitality,exuding a dreamy charm. This delicate necklace brings joy to your life and is the best gift fo..

Abstract Face Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


This golden Abstract Face Pendant Necklace has a rich exotic flavor and is full of mysterious colors. It is said that abstract face symbols can protec..

Simple Single Bead Ball Choker, Sterling Silver


This simple single bead ball choker sits beautifully on your collarbone. Crown your neckline with a dainty choker and layer it with longer necklaces t..

Bohemian Beaded Choker and Disc Necklace Set, Sterling Silver


This bohemian layered necklace consists of sterling silver beads choker and small disc necklace. This creative necklace adds delicate sheen to any out..

Round Abstract Face Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


Inspired by abstract faces, this minimalist gold-plated sterling silver pendant necklace brings a touch of warmth to your life. Suitable for yourself ..

Sparkling Round Heartbeat Necklace


The romantic sterling silver/plated rose gold and classic halo design exude sophistication and glamour on this Sparkling Round Heartbeat Necklace. Cha..

Polygon Snowflake Dangles Necklace


This exquisite Polygon Snowflake Dangles Necklace design is inspired by the beauty of snowflakes and ice crystals. The sliding clasp means that you ca..

Interlocked Hearts Necklace


With its design of two interlinked hearts, one in sterling silver and one decorated with shimmering cubic zirconia stones, this heart to heart necklac..

Cute Princess Crown O Necklace


This adorable crown-inspired necklace has a true fairytale feel. The sparkling cubic zirconia design will crown this necklace styling beautifully and ..

Simple Disc Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


This simple disc sterling silver pendant necklace is a fashion piece in daily life. Minimalist necklace is suitable for everyone.• Metal: Sterling Sil..

Sparkling Square Rhinestone Pendant Necklace


Sparkling Square Rhinestone Pendant Necklace is very elegant and sleek, and the minimalist design is suitable for any occasion, bringing a complex to ..

XMAS Letters and Red Snowflake Socks Necklace


This exquisite XMAS Letters and Red Snowflake Socks Necklace has a unique design. Sparkling cubic zirconia, playful snowflake, cute christmas socks.....

Love Heart Lock Necklace


Contemporary and chic, this stylish sterling silver necklace features a shining love padlock pendant. The heart-shaped focal point, featuring the doub..

Oval Maria Coin Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


A breathtaking amount of beauty radiates from this delicate maria pendant necklace. In the center of the pendant is the Virgin Mary, surrounded by ins..

Gold Cross Pendant Necklace


This simple gold cross pendant necklace is a beautiful way to signify the Christian faith. The cross has been crafted from sterling silver and plated-..

Wave Ecg Necklace


Our Wave Ecg Necklace is a beautiful necklace designed for her. This sterling silver necklace has a classic touch and was polished to perfection. Expr..

Gold American Coin Pendant Necklace


This personalised gold american coin pendant necklace is crafted in sterling silver with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in the center of the pendant. L..

Chic Crown Charm Necklace


Feel like royalty with this intricately crafted sterling silver crown charm decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia.This chic crown charm necklace giv..

Queen Letters Crown Necklace


This exquisite Queen Letters Crown Necklace is the perfect fashion piece for your everyday life. The "Queen" charm is made of sterling silver, and the..

Elegant Skirt Necklace


Inspired by the lady's skirt, this glamorous skirt necklace features a shiny cubic zirconia for the agate skirt charm for added elegance. Suitable for..

Dog Favorite Bone Necklace


A cute bone charm is suspended from the sterling silver necklace. With its loyal and friendly expression, this adorable sterling silver design embodie..

Elegant Fish Tail Charm Necklace


This elegant fish tail charm necklace is inspired by the ocean and animals, and the sparkling cubic zirconia is set in a sterling silver fishtail char..

Chic Ice Cream Pendant Necklace


With its beautiful shape and decorative green malachite or white shell surface featured with sparkling cz, this chic ice cream pendant looks "good eno..

Simple Beaded Chain Choker, Sterling Silver


The modern designed necklace features a typical bohemian style. Crown your neckline with a choker. This sterling silver beaded chain choker sits beaut..

Sparkling Princess Crown O Necklace


Feel like royalty with this intricately crafted sterling silver crown charm decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia.This Sparkling Princess Crown O Ne..

Sparkling Women's Handbag Pendant Necklace


This exquisite sterling silver women's handbag pendant necklace is a must-have with adorable details: a sparkling clear cubic zirconia surface and a p..

Cute Dog and Love Heart Pendant Necklace


Dogs represent loyalty, brave and trust. Give your animal-themed necklace a playful touch with this cute sterling silver dog pendant accented with spa..

Dainty Moon and Stars Bohemian Choker


Crown your neckline with a choker. This sterling silver must-have with petite stars and moon charm and sparkling cubic zirconia stones sits beautifull..

Gold Bohemian Smooth Discs Necklace


Create a golden look with this core ingredient: an adjustable shine necklace chain in gold-plated sterling silver. Adjust the chain to your preferred ..

Elizabeth Coin Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


Crafted from sterling silver, a pendant with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth of England hangs on this chic gold coin necklace. Wear the necklace alone o..

Smile Bar Necklace


This modern sterling silver bar necklace is decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia, brining a touch of glamour to the minimalist design. Giving it as..

Black Moon and Star Necklace


Let your style shine bright with this dainty moon and star pendant, delicately accented with black cubic zirconia, suspended from a sterling silver ca..

Fish Bone Necklace


The dainty fish bone necklace is cute and captivating, can be worn in your work and dating. Ancient Hawaiians believed that a bone necklace takes on p..

Black Swan Necklace


The exquisite sterling silver necklace captures the grace and elegance of black swan. Delicately embellished with clear cubic zirconia, it adds a soft..

Gold 0 Shape Pendant Necklace


Embrace the art of personalization by styling your necklace with a pretty gold sterling silver initial pendant featuring the letter 'O'. This simple n..

Antlers Necklace


The fascinating necklace has a lovely antler charm. Known for their grace and gentleness, deer are very perceptive beings, and have come to symbolize ..

Love Pattern Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver


This unique love pattern pendant necklace has been beautifully crafted out of sterling silver with a unicorn, clover, love, number 5 and infinity symb..

Spiritual Dreamcatcher Necklace, Sterling Silver


Inspired by the Native American dream catcher, this sterling silver charm features an intricate webbed floral centerpiece from which delicate feathers..

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