Crystal Jewelry

Rugged Geometric Crystal Dangle Earrings


These beautiful dangle earrings feature irregular geometric crushed crystal design. Giving this gorgeous dangle earrings to someone you love, and you ..

Beaded Feathers Hoop Earrings


Made from colorful feathers, crystal beads and alloy circle hoop, these earrings add personality everyday look. 3 colors available. No matter how you ..

Austrian Amethyst Beaded Bracelet


Be the most special one, start with this austrian amethyst beaded bracelet! Amethyst rose - symbolic sense as the core of emotion, affection, and love..

Good Luck Beads Bracelets Set


Add some soft colors to that bracelet collection! Crystals beaded linked by elastic string make for a style you'll never want to take off. This charmi..

8mm Candy Crystal Beads Bracelet


Feature 8mm candy crystal beads, our colorful bracelet reflects a spectrum of light-hearted fun. Elastic string makes it adjustable. Fit for a fairy p..

Pink Crystal Beads Bracelet with Moon Dangle


Crescent moon is always a popular element in jewelry fashion. The bracelet features sterling silver moon and pink crystal beads. Elastic string design..

Mulberry Beaded Bracelet


This unique mulberry beaded bracelet symbolizes passionate love. It is an easy to wear, everyday piece, designed to add a touch of romance to your loo..

10mm Light Blue Crystal Beads Beaded Bracelet


This elegant bracelet features 10mm light blue crystal beads and a silver bell dangle. Summon love by the crisp sound of the bell. Elastic string desi..

Colorful Round Energy Crystal Beaded Necklace


This alluring energy stone pendant hangs from a colorful round crystal beaded necklace to create a truly one of a kind piece and add instant glamour a..

Natural Black Crystal Wave Choker


This Natural Black Crystal Wave Choker is a basic jewelry piece that is easy to style with any outfit.It's a perfect addition to your everyday outfits..

Sparkling Moon Pendant and Blue Crystal Bead Necklace


This Sparkling Moon Pendant and Blue Crystal Bead Necklace is inspired by the wonders of the night sky. A luminous moon and shimmering blue crystal st..

Layered Pink Crystal Beaded Chain Bracelet


This delicate layered beaded bracelet features pink crystal beads and sterling silver chain, two color available. Adjustable design fits for most of w..

Sweet Dream Charms Bracelet


This elastic charms bracelet features pink/blue crystal beads and a sterling silver dreamcatcher pendant. Dreamcatchers were first created by the Ojib..

Dreamcatcher Black Crystal Necklace


Inspired by the Native American dream catcher, this sterling silver charm necklace features an intricate webbed floral centerpiece and black crystal f..

4mm Brazilian Crystal Beaded Wrap Bracelet


Easy styling with your outfits, be your own fashion consultant with this 4mm brazilian crystal beaded wrap bracelet. There is beauty in its simplicity..

Uncut Natural Crystal Stones Dangle Earrings


Link uncut geometric natural crystals through thin triangle chain, this pair of dangle earrings is a perfect gift for someone special. A must-have pie..

Rainbow Crystal Ball Beaded Wrap Bracelet


Express your best wishes to your families and friends by gifting the rainbow crystal ball beaded wrap bracelet. Crafted from enduring sterling silver ..

Layered Unpolished Crystal Dangle Earrings


This pair of dangle earrings is made from unpolished colorful crystals. 4 colors available, add a fun pop of style to your jewelry collection.• Metal:..

Rainbow Candy Crystal Beads Link Bracelet


Completes your every look with this rainbow candy crystal beads link bracelet, a distinctive look with a combination of stones and metals. Add the per..

6.5mm Multicolor Crystal Beads Beaded Bracelet


When it comes to color, more is better! Our bracelet is a bead lover's dream, made up of a dazzling assortment of candy crystal beaded. Each bead is i..

Cube Aurora Crystal Beaded Bracelet


Select elastic string, simple all-match. Effortlessly elegant, this crystal beaded bracelet is sure to add sophistication to any outfit. Featuring a a..

Thick Black Obsidian Crystal Bracelet


All glory and pride in the world are attributed to angelic mother. This black crystal bracelet made from chunky obsidian. It is a perfect gift for Mot..

Simple Black Crystal Choker


This simple black crystal choker is a perfect addition to your everyday outfits and a favorite amongst the subtle goth and boho romantic fashionistas...

Colorful Wish Crystal Beads Hoop Earrings


Colorful wish crystal beads hoop dangle earrings are specially great for the party or just another sunny weather. Bring a book, walking down the stree..

Triangles Blue Crystal Beads Drop Necklace


Five shining crystal beads adorn this beautifully crafted sterling silver necklace. Slim chains form a stylish geometric pattern. The understated beau..

7mm Red Crystal Beads Beaded Bracelet


This bracelet is made up of 7mm garnet red crystal beads, a glamorous color feeling. Elastic string design, easy to wear. It can be worn for a chic mi..

Grey Moonstone Beaded Bracelet


Style grey moonstone crystal beaded with this expertly crafted bracelet, adjustable design fits various styles. Wear this bracelet to add flair to you..


Colorful Crystal Beaded Bracelet

$90.25 $150.66

Made from colorful crystal beads, different colors represent different meanings, white crystal symbolizes purity, citrine stands for stability, and pi..

Long Rainbow Crystal Bar Pendant Necklace


This long rainbow crystal bar pendant necklace is decorated with sparkling cubic zirconia stones, brining a touch of glamour to the minimalist design...

Layered Moonstone Chain Bracelet


This layered chain bracelet creates a distinctive look with a combination of sterling silver and moonstone crystal beads. Beautiful and modern design ..

Good Luck Crystal Beads Hoop Earrings


Link natural crystal beads through metal thin hoop, these hoop earrings bring good luck to someone who wear it. 5 colors available, suitable for vario..

Round Black Crystal Lariat Necklace


Elegant and glamorous, this adjustable round black crystal lariat necklace is suitable for anyone's neck. The necklace's shape and shimmering crystal ..

Colourful Austrian Crystal Circle Necklace


This simple colorful crystal circle necklace is attractive and eye-catching, and the sparkling crystal brings a dreamy charm. It is a versatile statem..

Black String Friendship Bracelet with Grey Crystal Bead


This bracelet is made from black string and silver grey crystal bead. Minimalist style, worn casually with a v-neck tee or dressed up with pretty blou..

Bohemian Vacation Beaded Bracelet


With blue geometric natural stone and crystal beads, this bohemian vacation beaded bracelet like the paradise in heaven, bring you the fresh emotional..

Multicolor Crystal Beads Beaded Bracelets Set


This multicolor crystal beads beaded bracelets set is truly a unique piece of jewelry. Night here with stars and moon, creating the atmosphere of my l..

Wish Crystal Beaded Bracelet and Moon Dangle Link Bracelet Set


The star and the moon represent together forever, and crystal beads symbolizes your simple and unvarnished love. This captivating crystal beaded brace..

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