Boho Necklaces
Amanda L.
The quality of the jewelry in this store is very good, beyond my expectations. I am very satisfied with the overall effect of the product, and I am very impressed by the details. I never thought that I would buy such a high quality product at such a cheap price. I am happy to recommend this store to my family and friends.
Kathy M.
Love the design and style of this store! ! ! I only know this store after being recommended by my friend. Now, most of the jewelry I wear is purchased here. Their jewelry is very refined, whether in the office or on a date, you can find the right product in this store. I am planning to buy some jewelry here as my sister's birthday gift. Thank you very much!
Betsy R.
Very satisfied! I have bought a lot of jewelry in this store. I like all kinds of jewelry of the shop, especially the daisy ring collection. The seller's product range is complete, most of the jewelry is made of sterling silver, and the shape is unique, exquisite and compact. Great customer service, fast delivery, will be purchased again!
Special Products

Colorful Crystal Beaded Bracelet

$90.25 $150.66

Made from colorful crystal beads, different colors represent different meanings, white crystal symbolizes purity, citrine stands for stability, and pi..


Natural Freshwater Pearl Beaded Necklace

$43.61 $62.75

This natural freshwater pearl beaded necklace is certain to be a favorite for any occasion. This pearl necklace is compiled of beautiful hand picked p..